This is a floor loom weaving project in digital format. In the October project I walk you through how to weave this geometric alpaca cowl. This project is warm and cozy - and a good introduction to weaving with alpaca fiber. This project can be adapted to your own personal aesthetic.


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- A List of Tools + Materials

- Project Details

- Warping + Weaving Order

- Weaving Draft (threading + tie-up + treadling)

- Care

- Tips

- Sources


New weavers will find detailed information on how to complete this project - more experienced weavers can skip ahead to the draft if desired. I've tried to make this accessible to every level of weaver.


This project is originally apart of The Weaving Project - a monthly subscription that I offer. With the subscription, this project is offered at a lower price. But if you want to catch up with current release of The Weaving Project or want to purchase this as a standalone project you can!


This is a digital pdf. You can download it on the thank you page at checkout or find it in an email that will be sent to you shortly after purchase.


There are no refunds on this digital PDF.

October - Hexagon Cowl - Digital PDF


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