Loom Maintenance: fixing the apron cords -

My 8 shaft floor loom desperately needed attention. The apron cords - attached to the cloth beam - were tangled to a point of annoyance. It became so difficult to manage, I was having to adjust them every time I warped my loom. I knew it would be an easy fix but I put it off regardless.

I finally decided enough was enough and it only ended up taking 15 minutes at the most. It was such an easy fix I don't know why I waited so long to take care of the issue. I decided to show a few pictures to document the process.

I forgot to take a picture of the original mess of apron ties - the first step is removing all the old cords.

Make sure you have your apron rod ready to go - this is basically just a lease stick but it works just fine.

I chose a strong cotton cord to replace the old ties.

Measure out at least 6 cords 72" in length. Double it up and loop around the apron rod.

Continue to loop cords around the apron rod.

Knot all the cords through the holes in your cloth beam. Making them as small as possible. I double knotted mine so they wouldn't pull through.

All done! Now to get busy and warp my loom for the next project.

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