How To: The Weaver's Knot

Weavers knots are so incredibly helpful. But they can be confusing to learn. There are a few different variations but I've chosen one method to illustrate. I wanted to offer it as a downloadable jpeg so you can print it out at home and hang it in your studio. Feel free to use it as a reference. I also have a picture tutorial as well. Just scroll down.

> The Weaver's Knot:

> Step One:

how to tie a weavers knot

> Step Two:

> Step Three:

how to tie a weavers knot

> Step Four:

how to tie a weavers knot

> Step Five:

how to tie a weavers knot

> Step Six:

how to tie a weavers knot

Weavers knots are stronger than most knots - (like the square knot) - it is also smaller. This makes it the perfect knot to use when tying broken threads that occur in your warp or making a color change. Since its smaller it slides through your heddles and reed much easier.

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I hope you find this useful!



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